51-9204-23 YAMAHA BLEU CYAN 2023 YG-16

With VIP-AIR, ATV Windshield, you offer yourself the best!

Description: The fairing is made of lightweight composite materials, resistant to impact, vibration and climatic variations. The installation requires no modification on your ATV. Headlight is embedded, in the windshield base, to optimize lighting and block unpleasant reflections inside the fairing. Hands are completely covered, without obstructing access to brakes lever. The mirrors positions offer a wider field of view, which prevent blocking, usually caused by the trunk and passenger.

The 4 fixed point attachment systems, is securely attached to handlebars. The aerodynamic profile deflects the wind from the driver and passenger. Easy to install, it has a robust hardware made of steel coated with anticorrosion paint.

The 14” clear rigid polycarbonate windscreen offers remarkable optical quality. The edges are rounded and ultra-smooth in order to eliminate the edge outline and maximize the view.

Strong and sturdy you can trailer it, without danger, positioning it in the movement direction.

Included with your windshield: Color base, clear windscreen14”, hardware, stickers, mirror kit and installation guide.


489,00 CAD 489.0 CAD 489,00 CAD

489,00 CAD

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Marque VTT
Marque du véhicule YAMAHA
Couleur du VTT
Couleur BLEU
Vehicle Type VTT
Type de produit VTT Pare-brise
Année du véhicule 2023