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61-KR80 Full Polycarbonate Front Windshield - Kawasaki Teryx 2016-2023
359.00 $CA 359.00 $CA 359.0 CAD
Windshield made of standard LEXAN clear polycarbonate, ¼" thick.
This high-quality windshield offers durability, resistance to impact and extreme conditions, and resistance to UV rays and corrosion.

• Rubber gasket for seamless vehicle integration. It prevents dust and water leakage while reducing noise when driving on rough roads
• Fits perfectly to the contours of your frame and hood.
• Provides protection against wind and weather. No yellowing.
• Easy installation in minutes.
• Easily removable, allowing you to enjoy the open-cab feel on beautiful summer days.
• Made in Canada.
• Fast delivery.

• Polycarbonate windshield
• Complete set of hardware (nuts & bolts) is stainless steel
• Installation instructions
Price :
359.00 $CA 359.00 $CA 359.0 CAD
Part Number : 61-KR80
Stock Status : Out of stock
Brand : KAWASAKI par Vipair
Made In : Canada